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Many startups claim they’re going to change the world.

This one really will

Clairety is going to change the way we communicate online.
We’ll make the ‘marketplace of ideas’ look more like a real marketplace where the users decide ‘what to buy’.

In the process, we’ll help de-polarize the media, our culture, and help raise the caliber of online conversation. You can be a part of the team that will change the tone of social media forever. You can be a part of the team to ‘End Fake News’.
We’re building a web scale deployment for our patent pending AI engine, currently running as a prototype. We’re building it into a production system capable of analyzing hundreds of millions of data points and deploying our analysis on a full web scale. The ‘engine’ is ready and running. We need a chassis for it to ride on and drive train to connect them.
We’re looking for hands on full stack developers for all positions who can grow with our business and fulfill future management roles.

We will not be outsourcing or sub-contracting any of this work. Consultants, please be considerate of our time.
We will not be sponsoring US Visas for any roles. All applicants must be currently authorized to work in the US and available to work in our New York City location. All positions pay competitive ‘New York’ levels of compensation based on experience, include Medical Insurance, and early employee participation in the Employee Stock Option plan.

Send us a Resume with the Job Description in the subject to careers@clairetyai.com.

We're Hiring

Web Developer/Systems Architect

The Web Developer/Systems Architect will be participating in the functional and UI design of browser based user interfaces that ensure a superior user-product fit and integration to our back end systems.

  •  Plan, develop, test, deploy, and maintain Cloud based Web applications using an assortment of technologies, including Python, Javascript, ASP.NET, C#, IIS, Tomcat, and SQL databases.

  •  Develop and consume Web services for integration with other applications. Experience with split key encryption technologies or blockchain a plus.

  •  Experience with Social Media API Interfaces, Twitter, Facebook and others a plus.

  •  Experience with Unix development tools and Shell Scripting tools a plus.

Python Developer/Integration Architect

This is a role for a utility player who can wear 5 hats at once and have a hand in every pie. Someone who can balance the tradeoffs between high performance and ease of use. This is a ‘team player’ role who is a clear communicator and can work well with others. Applicant may not know everything about anything, but knows something about everything.

  •  Degree in STEM discipline a must

  •  Solid database skills experience (MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, etc.)

  •  Knowledge in Linux scripting and C++ is a requirement

  •  Experience with Social Media API Interfaces, Twitter, Facebook and others a plus.

  •  Big data experience- Hadoop, Map-reduce, Hive, Pig, etc. a plus

  •  Cloud based web development experience strongly preferred

Data Scientist

Experience with Machine Learning, NLP and working with extremely large datasets required. Advanced Degree in Mathematics or related discipline.

English Language Linguistic Experience a huge plus.

  •  Deep Experience with Python a must

  •  Experience with Scala 

  •  Experience with Spark preferred

  •  Big data experience- Hadoop, Map-reduce, Hive, Pig, etc.

  •  Excellent oral and written communication skills. 

  •  Developing code for modeling optimization, simulation, and statistical analysis

  •  Developing statistical modeling techniques for pattern recognition problems

  •  Building models that maximize performance and accuracy

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Send us a Resume, making sure to include the Job Description in which you are interested in the subject line of the email. Please send all sumissions to:

We're located in New York City